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Woolzies Dryer Balls Review and Giveaway!

*I was allowed to test the product for free, in return for giving an honest product review. Here it is. Enjoy!

*Update: Giveaway is over, but stay tuned for more!*
Woolzie's Dryer Balls

I was so excited to test out this product for several reasons!

The first one is obvious, it's natural. No chemicals, just wool balls that will soften your clothes naturally.

Second, was that it says it will cut your dryer time down, saving time, money and energy!

With those two reasons alone, I was thrilled!

My husband is a power lineman. He works on the power lines and extremely high voltage. His work clothes are FR (Fire Resistant). If you are familiar with FR clothing, you know that any chemical fabric softener isn't supposed to be used on the clothing, because it can counter act the FR and even fuel a fire . (I got that off of the website, it's serious business.)

They arrived very quickly and were just as promised. All natural, wool balls!

They are about the size of a baseball. The kids thought they were fun toys. I had to keep tracking them down all over the house to put them back into the dryer.

After about two weeks of testing them out I have discovered that I REALLY LOVE THEM!

They really do make your clothes soft. I thought because of the size of them, that it would sound like a canon going off in my dryer, but honestly, there isn't that big of a noise difference. If you have ever put a tennis ball in your dryer, you'll know it's very loud. I was expecting the same noise with these balls, but never heard it. They are, for the most part, quiet. The noise level definitely varies by the load size, but nothing ever made it sound like there were tennis balls bouncing around in there. 

I noticed the definite decrease in dry time when it came to my blankets, and larger loads. With having a front loader washer and dryer, sometimes my sheets and duvet covers get really twisted and take about two hours to dry. I usually end up having to pull them out, pull them apart and keep trying to dry the sheets. With the Woolzies, I did have to separate them once, but over 90% of all the sheets and covers were already dry. (That NEVER happens!) The only spot that was still wet, was where a few pillow cases had crawled inside of my duvet cover and had gotten twisted up. Obviously, not a flaw of the balls.

My husband's work shirts came out so nice! They were soft and free of wrinkles and chemicals! Definitely, DEFINITELY better than air drying them.

I will say that the only down side of the dryer balls, is that they are not a static eliminator. The box says it is a static reducer. They are pretty honest about that. I'm not sure what a normal size static load is, but when I pulled out the blankets, there was definitely a noticable amount of static. 

This is not a deal breaker for me, though. They are wonderful to use, and are safe.

The kids like to help with laundry and kind of play with the balls as they fall out of the clothes we fold.

They have easy maintenance and will last you for 1,000 loads of laundry.

If you're thinking of making the switch, don't think too long! It's a great investment.

PLUS--If you able to wash your down/alternative down comforters at home, these are WONDERFUL!! Once you wash the comforter, it is recommended/suggested that you have tennis balls (or in this case Woolzies) to help fluff your feathers/comforter back up to normal. Two birds, one ball! (Ok, it's six balls, but you get the idea!)

They cost about $35, and they ship worldwide! If it seems like a bit of a pricy investment, look at your dryer sheets box, or your fabric softener. I believe you get around 120 Loads for about $10 a bottle/box of fabric softener sheets. That's adds up to a LOT MORE than $35 for 1,000 loads.

For one lucky reader--I get to share a box with you! (Well, not share-you get to enjoy your own box thanks to Woolzies!)

What a great way to kick off the Memorial Weekend!

Share, comment, like, you know the regular giveaway stuff! God Bless to all!

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  11. Rochelle AndrewsMay 30, 2013 at 10:43 AM

    Would love to win! I've been wanting to try these forever!!


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