Sunday, November 4, 2012

Giving Thanks: Photographer Love

A few days ago I sent out a little thank you note, with some love. Thank you notes aren't something that are different for me to do, but to who it went to was.

I think we are living in an age where we can take for granted that we have digital cameras, and photo editing software, pretty much at our finger tips. Pictures get taken all the time!

Growing up, it was a little different. Remember when we had to send in our film, cross our fingers and hope that SOMETHING GOOD came out of the negatives?! Remember when you ruined the negatives?? Remember when 1 hr. photo was the most amazing thing ever! Wow, times have certainly changed, and really quite recently and rapidly.

There really aren't that many photos of us growing up. We had a large family (I have four siblings, which makes five including me). Money was tight, and photos were taken sparingly. Honestly, I've never really given it any thought, until a few years ago.

Someone very special to me passed away a few years ago. She was beautiful and amazing in every way, inside and out. I loved her. She was my mother-in-law. She taught me so much about life-being a wife, a mother, a nurturer, about so many things. She was, my mom. I love my own mother as well, but I learned so many different things from this woman. If we could all be a little like her, this world, would be a completely different place.

She was also the woman, who raised my husband. If you wanted to get an idea of who she was, you'd find it in him. I could go on about all the goodness for a long time, but this was only supposed to be a back story about what I'm writing about now.

Going back through old photos, I realized, we didn't have hardly any, of her. Hindsight can be kinda tough sometimes. But, it also made me go back through all MY photos. Photos I'd taken of the kids. Then I saw it again. I think it's a mother's curse. We spend so much time taking photos of the kids and other things, that the person who's behind the camera gets forgotten. I had almost NO photos of me with my children.

There were several of my husband and the kids, but a handful of me with them. I decided to change that. I called a booked a mommy and me session with each of my kids. I was able to start first with my son, and then after my daughter turn one, I did some with her as well.

I've become kind of a photo crazy person. My husband kind of get annoyed by it, but I simply reply, "I'm documenting life." When this stage is over, all we'll have are memories (which differ from each person who tells the story) but also photos. Our children, I've heard called, are the .Jpeg Generation. Kind of funny, and I get how obsessive people can be, but those will be treasures some day.

In any event, I had just had this family photo shoot with an amazing photographer. It was a cold day and my kids were anything, BUT cooperative. My husband really wasn't so enthused either. But, she worked wonders! It was the shortest session ever, but she still did some amazing work.

I'm so thankful for these people. At the end of the day when you look at the price, remember they're treasures. Of you, of your family, of your life. You're paying someone to do your own little documentary. Someone, who was given a blessed talent, by God. Someone, who learned early they could do some amazing things for families.

Some of the biggest regrets I've heard, are from people who didn't get photos taken. I've never heard someone regret getting them done. And as I've gotten older, I've realized it's not about looking and being perfect. Or having EVERY SINGLE PHOTO turn out to be absolutely amazing. If I get one photo I like, out of any photos I've taken, it's a success.

When was the last family picture you had taken? What are you waiting for????????? 

So, to finish this post, I sent our photographer, a thank you note and little gift. She deserves it and more. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to our photographer! And to all photographers out there! You're appreciated, more than you know!

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