Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Coffee Surprise!

Today, I wanted to surprise someone with a cup of coffee. (Well, actually, it was a Starbucks gift card, so maybe it was a coffee, or a pastry, or tea, or whatever.)

The catch to this was, I was going to do this for someone, whom I know, doesn't particularly care for me that much.

The other catch to this was, I gave it to this person, anonymously.

Say, WHAT?

That's right. I did something nice, for someone else, who doesn't particularly like me, without telling them it was me.

If this seems kind of random, it might be. Honestly, I just felt that I should do something nice for this person, to show them, that they are loved.

Again, who doesn't like hearing that they are loved? Who doesn't like seeing little acts of kindness? 

I got a $5 Starbucks Gift card, put it in a card, and wrote that I wanted to show her that I was thinking of her and that she was loved. I never signed my name. I dropped it off with one of her co-workers, who definitely has no idea who I am, and told her that I wanted to remain anonymous, in case she had questions. 

That's what I did today. I put a little random, anonymous Love out in the world today. Hope it makes a difference.

Have you done any random good deeds and kept quiet about them?! I'd love to hear them? I'm always looking for more ways to put a little love out in the world!

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Happy are people who are humble, 
because they will inherit the earth.
Matthew 5:5

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