Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fried Ravioli's: Dinner Made Easy

We are kind of burnt out on the same old pasta dinners. Spaghetti, lasagna, and Alfredo. To be honest, I tried ravioli's a few times and I just couldn't seem to get over the fact that I chased them around my plate and the texture was just a little too--slippery for me. My husband didn't particularly care for them either.

Actually, while we're being honest, he is completely over spaghetti as well. Chalk it up to poor college students living off of it for too long I guess.

I was given Fried Ravioli's at a friends party one night and to be honest, before I politely took a bite, I was haunted by that weird texture and experience by the last time I'd eaten one. BUT--this was a wonderfully pleasant surprise!

So much, that I decided to make them myself! Even my spaghetti-skeptic husband was thrilled!

How easy are these to make? Well, my four year old can make them (he can prep them-I don't allow him to cook with the hot oil.).

What you need:

1 Bag Store Bought Ravioli's (any kind)
Italian Breadcrumbs
Whole Milk or Heavy Cream

Take the ravioli's and dip them into the milk/cream.

Cover with Italian bread crumbs.

Fried 1-3 minutes on each side in hot oil, until golden brown.

Serve with marinara sauce.

See-I told you it was easy!

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