Friday, January 25, 2013

Marshmallow Heart Stamps

You know how awesome your Sweet Potato Casserole, with the marshmallow topping tastes? Amazing, right?

We have it for all the major holidays, and of course, a few special occasion dinners in-between.

We once in awhile, don't use all the marshmallows. I know! Crazy, right? Why wouldn't you use all of them? We also, sometimes, don't use mini marshmallows. Can't help it, the big ones seem more, multi-functioning.

I ran out of toilet paper rolls to do heart stamps. (I didn't actually run out, my husband found my stash and threw them away. He thinks I hoard garbage. But toilet paper rolls are the exception to the garbage rule, don't you agree??)

I was scouring my house looking for ANYTHING that might work to make a heart stamp-and with the help of my 3 year-old-son, we found it. Rock hard, old, marshmallows!

If you squeeze them together at the bottom, and push in the dent for the "top" of the heart, you can eventually get the shape of a heart.

See, squishy marshmallow heart stamper.
If you're in a pinch, these work pretty well. A little side note-globs of paint, don't show the heart shape very well, at all! Make sure the paints are spread pretty thin, to actually make it "stamp."

Also, please supervise the kids-mine wanted and tried to eat them...even with the paint. And, even with them being rock hard. What can I say, kids love marshmallows.

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