Monday, October 22, 2012

Charlie Brown Birthday!

We were so fortunate and blessed to be able to celebrate my son's 3rd birthday (a little early) with his cousins.

We get to make the trip back about once a year, and every year it is just amazing to see how the kids have grown. Developmentally, it is also wonderful to see them playing with each other.

When they were babies, they just kind of sat around and near each other and did their own things. Now, they're little humans. Running, talking, playing, everything! What a wonderful life!

My kids, LOVE Charlie Brown and Snoopy! Case and point, we had a Snoopy Birthday party/Pumpkin Hunt to celebrate them! We also, have Halloween Costumes that will compliment this!

So, while we were home, I threw a little birthday party, so that all the kids could get together and play! (And eat cake, of course!)

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law own a bakery. They make very DELICIOUS things! They even ship some of these wonderful items at different times of the year. (Their Easter Cake Eggs are to die for!)

They made him, his own Charlie Brown Cake! (And a Cookie to compliment!)

It was perfect for the day and was absolutely delicious! 

We are so blessed to have such wonderful family. 

We had a little pot luck and everyone got a chance to chat (even though the time went way to fast). We also had 14 little kids running around! It was excellent! The best party we've ever had, to date. This makes me so excited for the next few years. Just wish we all lived a little closer.

In any event, it was a success by all standards of a child's birthday party. There were little people friends to play with and there was cake. (And hardly any crying!!!)

What do you enjoy most about your children's birthday parties? 

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  1. I love such cakes. I don’t know when I will get time to learn bakery and make such delicious and beautiful cakes. The spray art is wonderful. I went to a fest last month in one of the biggest event venues Chicago. There they displayed all the delicious and mouth watering designer cakes. Oh! I felt like staying there forever.


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