Monday, October 29, 2012

Making Them Smile, When They're Sick

When my kids are sick, I'm the mom that will do anything to try and make them smile and comfortable. Even if it means buying something a little, well, ridiculous.

We bought the kids balloons on a stick the other day. To me, it's something that any other day, I would walk by (or avoid at all costs if I could) and tell them that we really just didn't need them. However, the other day, I was on a mission for them. 

They were miserable-being cooped up at the house for days. Since they had been on antibiotics for over 24 hours, I thought one quick trip out of the house and down the street would be nice for them. It's been some of the nicest days of the year, and we had all been missing them.

Who doesn't love coca!? And one that fizzes!
While we were at the store, I stumbled upon these babies! Fizzies, hot cocoa style! I bought them. My son looked pretty thrilled about this, and when I got home and suggested he have a cup of cocoa, he was so happy! I missed his little smiles.

We quickly glanced the directions-pretty simple enough! Heat up warm milk, drop in tablet. Fizzing action begins and drink. 

We heated the milk (not really that hot for kids) and then I let him drop one in and we watched it fizz! 

Heat Milk, Drop Tablet, Watch Fizz. Pretty Simple!
My son also pointed out that it smelt like chocolate, while we were waiting for it be done fizzing! (LEARNING!! Extra Bonus! See my Smell Lab and Great Pumpkin Hunt for more!)

*Tip, Pretty sure, since I did a very light warming for instant kid drinking, it affected how well it dissolved. We ended up stirring. Also, it's light on sugar, so if you need more...add some.*

These can be pretty fun for adults too! Maybe even a neat little gift. I included an affiliate link, just in case some of you can't find these at your local stores.

Hopefully, if you're buying them, it's not because you're sick (or someone you know is), but just want some FUN Hot Cocoa!

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