Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Great Pumpkin Hunt!

Happy Birthday,

 Peanuts Gang!

If you don't know, today marked the 62nd birthday of the Peanuts Gang. They were first published on this day, October 2, 1950. If this hadn't happened, I'm not sure who my children would love so dearly! Thank you, Charles M. Schulz!

In honor, of the Peanuts Gang, and October, I decided to have a little fun with my kids.

The Pumpkin Clues
I used pumpkin foam and wrote out little scavenger hunt clues. I, of course, was going to help them solve this. But I wanted to include the five senses for the clues. 

For one of the clues, I made my own "sniff." I just put some double sided tape on the pumpkin and put a little cinnamon spice on it. Easy as can be!
Clue, with home made, sniff!

We started off in the house! First clue was handed out, read, and we thought it out together.

The Pumpkin Clue was, "Where is Snoopy's Doghouse?"
The answer-outside! So out the door we went!

The second pumpkin was right outside the door. (Sight)
The Pumpkin Clue "What do trees have that fall down?"

After looking around all the trees, we found the third clue, under some fallen leaves (touch).

The Pumpkin Clue, "What do you do for trick or treat? (*Hint* At the door)"
Answer-ring the door bell and say, "Trick or Treat!"

 On our way up to the door, we found
The Great Pumpkin

But, there was also another Pumpkin Clue to be found at The Great Pumpkin.

The Pumpkin Clue, "Where do we keep something that smells like this (cinnamon)?" (Smell)
Answer-in the house!
We stopped to "pretend" trick or treat, and ring the door bell (hearing) to finish out the third clue. (This also helps get us prepared for trick or treating for real this year! Check out what my kids will be this year for Halloween!)

When we came inside, we found a little birthday party for Snoopy and the Gang! (I'm always up for a little imaginary justification for chocolate cake, on a Tuesday.)

This also finishes out the use of the five senses-taste! Chocolate Cake!

Happy 62nd Birthday, Gang!

We had a lovely afternoon using our senses hunting for the Great Pumpkin! Hope you can do this too! 

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