Friday, September 28, 2012

Coffee Dates

"My kids are the most well behaved, one and two year old ever, especially during coffee dates, at a coffee shop." Probably not a phrase you'll ever hear me say.

In fact, I feel sorry for the people that were around and today I even made my son apologize to a few of the coffee shop patrons for yelling. He was quite embarrassed, but he stopped yelling.

They also like to TOUCH EVERYTHING! All the time. Always touching.

My coffee dates with other women/mom's usually starts like this, "Hi! How are you? The kids? Great! Oh-just a second," get up chase down a child, and place a drink order. Come back, "So, I heard about so and so. Did you? What about the weather? Anything fun coming up? Just a second..." go get drinks and chase down children again.

These dates tend to take a good one to two hours (if I'm lucky!), because what could be said in about 30 minutes of good, deep conversation, gets interrupted by bathroom breaks, fighting, touching, crying, feeding snacks, separating kids, and well, just day to day life stuff with kids. Except we're trying to be contained in public, while sitting.  Toddlers don't do sitting.

Today, I totally thought I had out smarted myself. I tried to plan ahead. I brought colors, coloring books, snacks, cups, clothes, a whole goodie bag. Then, they both got a hot apple cider. (This was their first experience with apple cider and it was a huge hit!)

But, they are kids, and I do have high mommy ambitions about how one day, one of my outings with them, will be perfect. I dream that I'll have a full un-interrupted conversation and leave feeling refreshed and confident from all the good friend vibes and chat.

Instead, it usually ends like this, (Crying by one or both kids) "Well, I'm so sorry to have to cut this short, but these guys need to get home. Call you later? Let's do this again soon!?"

Sometimes, after meetings like this, I'm still surprised I have friends. They must like my witty repartee I bring to the table. (I know I enjoy a good repartee, especially witty ones.)

Today, I also wanted to leave a little love. In honor of all those days when I forgot to bring stuff, and wish there was something around that sweet coffee shop, other than glass and working people, for my kids to touch and play. We left a coloring book with a bag of crayons for someone else. I put a little note on there that said, "My kids love to color, maybe yours too! I'm leaving this here, and I hope it helps you!"

It's a small gesture, but hopefully, it will make someones day. Maybe some older kids can sit for 15 minutes, while mom enjoys a quiet moment. Maybe they can build a quiet, fun memory of the time they went to get coffee and stayed to talk about the drawing the kid had just done. 

One day, when I win the lottery, I'll create my Mom & Kids Coffee House. This place will of course, have the cool, awesome features of a coffee house, but with a ball pit like they have at McDonald's. 

Then, while we all sit on plush, trendy modern couch's with a coffee table between us, we can always look over and see our children. Bouncing and playing. Not bored to death at our need for adult human interaction, and sophisticated coffee mugs. Nope, they will BEG to go back. *Sigh* Coming to a town near you...when I win.

Share with the Lord's people who are in need. Practice hospitality.
Romans 12:13

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