Sunday, September 23, 2012

Little Red Truck

I LOVE giving people gifts.  I do.  This brings me so much joy.  To learn and discover things about new and old friends and family-then applying that to a birthday gift, Christmas gift or friendship present-is such a blessing!

We are fortunate to have a lot of family members who have children around the same ages as our own. I grew up with almost all of my cousins.  There were about 14 of us that lived just down the street from each other.  I love them just like siblings.  Most of the really fun memories of my childhood include them.  I hope to be able to share this with my children.

The Truck Stops Here print by falldowntree
One of my nephews just recently had a birthday.  I found out he loves the book, Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle.  We checked it out at the library, because we don't have this book, and found it to be such a delight!  This book really is quite adorable.  My son really enjoyed it.

While I was scrolling around Etsy, I came upon this print. The Truck Stops Here, by falldowntree.   (If you stop by their website, you'll find a free printable coloring book as well!!)  This whole shop is amazing and darling!  I really, really want the family photo print they do!  How cute is this?  How can you not look at this and smile?  How cool would this be for your grandchildren to stumble upon someday??  I always like to think about my future.
Custom Portrait Print by falldowntree
This was obviously a print he had to have!  After it arrived, I was even more in love with it.  I only wish I would have ordered it bigger, because it was that cute!

I went to Michael's and looked through all their mattes and frames. I really wanted to make this little red truck pop out, so I spent a lot of time working on colors. We went with a double matte of sand and red, with a red frame to boot.  

I think it turned out absolutely amazing, don't you?  The lady in the framing department at Michael's, and I, just sat and starred at it for awhile (OK, it was really brief, maybe 15 seconds, but we were both smitten with it!).  

I was so glad to give him this, instead of a toy.  Hopefully, even after he outgrows it, something else can still come of it.  Maybe, 30 years from now, he'll find it in a keepsake box and want to use it for his own kids.  This maybe far reaching, but you never know! 

What other creative gifts have you given or been given?
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  1. I can't wait to see it! This was such a fun gift to get to put together!


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